"Remember, Bumblyburg is counting on you; you can do it!...I hope..."

--Alfred's encouragment to LarryBoy in LarryBoy and the Rumor Weed

Alfred is LarryBoy's butler, also known as Archie or Archibald. He is good with mechanecal devices and computers. He has a bit of a tolerance for LarryBoy's behavior, probably because he makes up his own jokes and watches Top Banana too many times to care about what LarryBoy does. He is also known to be a good friend to the citizens of Bumblyburg as he has done things for them over the years, such as telling stories to children. He's been known to ride his scooter around Bumblyburg. In the trailer of The League of Incredible Vegetables, he was seen flying the Larry-Copter.

He is voiced by Phil Vischer


  • The name "Alfred" is the same name of Batman's butler.


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