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Art Bigotti is a famous bowling player. While he did not make a personal appearance in the LarryBoy Film Series, his signature bowling plate was an important factor in Larry-Boy! And the Fib from Outer Space!

In LB and the Fib

Only 200 Limited Edition Collector's Plates were made featuring Art Bigotti getting a strike. Dad Asparagus owned one of these plates, but when Junior accidentally broke it, a "nice" creature called Fib helped Junior to make a "little" lie to trick his father and make him "free." It didn't go well.

In LB and the Bad Apple

The Bowling Plate was seen in LarryBoy's Hall of Fame, glued back together. It was also seen in the end credits.

In The League of Incredible Vegetables

The Bowling Plate was again seen in LarryBoy's Hall of Fame, still glued back together.

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