Beau Rockley
  • Species: Broccoli
  • Hair color: Green (black eyebrows)
  • Eye color: Brown

Beau Rockley is a reality television host and one of LarryBoy's peeves.


Beau Rockly is the host of a reality show, and would go to great lengths to to make good show, whether anyone is willing to or not. In Starved for Attention, Beau went as far as getting Bob the Tomato to let him into the LarryCave to do an interview with LarryBoy, even though he was tired. Junior Jetpack tried to get Beau to interview him, but he was only interested in interviewing LarryBoy. Even Motato tried to get on television with his camera to no success. But when Beau went as far as to pretend he is in trouble, he ended up getting captured for real along with Junior Jetpack, until LarryBoy came to save them.

In Jimmy Boy, Jimmy Gourd impersonated LarryBoy to get an interview from Beau, much to LarryBoy's outrage.


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