"League of Incredible Vegetables, ENGAGE!!!"--ThingamaBob's ordering cry


Bob the Tomato as Thingamabob.

Bob the Tomato is a co-host of VeggieTales and up until the new film The League of Incredible Vegetables, he had little influence to the LarryBoy 3D series. In the cartoon series, he played as the CEO of the Daily Bumble.


Bob the Tomato is the editor of the Daily Bumble, and always wants to get the latest scoop.

He has in his employ many vegetables, as listed here:

Super Hero

ThingamaBob is Bob's alter ego and one of The League of Incredible Vegetables (possibly the leader). He is loaded with all sorts of gadgets that extend from his belt. He is quite similar to Marvel comic's Iron Man, with the same color scheme (red and gold) and a hi-tech super-suit.

VeggieTales in the House

LarryBoy rescued

Bob saving LarryBoy from a robot Rooney

Bob takes over Archibald's role as LarryBoy's helper. As Larry's roomate, Bob is sometimes annoyed by Larry's actions, but is always supportive of his friend, especially when it comes to saving the town.


  • ThingamaBob was not Bob's first alter ego. Originally, Big Idea wanted to make Bob "Bat Bob". In LarryBoy and the Bad Apple, he created his own super hero called "The Red Wonder" aka, "Bobbin".
  • ThingamaBob has a fear of monkeys, which is a reference to the silly song "Monkey".
  • According to the episode's website, ThingamaBob's favorite superhero is Batman, due to the fact that he has lots of gadgets.
  • ThingamaBob's name is given for two reasons:

1. He has a ton of gadgets 2. A pun on his name, Bob.



VeggieTales Get to Know ThingamaBob!

VeggieTales Get to Know ThingamaBob!


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