#0013521 was a criminal in Larryboy: The Cartoon Adventures. He is always hidden in shadows. He was a minor character in the opening theme song. He also has shadowy scallions as his minions.

LB (Shadow)

The Criminal.

Criminal Acts

  • Attacking LarryBoy with his Shadow-Scallions


Not much is known about him. His name is unknown; his location was unknown, now he is probably in jail; he is considered ARMLESS AND DANGEROUS!!!

He was once arrested by the Bumblyburg Police Department, but escaped a few years later, only to do more villainous deeds...He tied Officer Olaf to train tracks, and would've killed him, but LarryBoy saved Olaf, and followed the criminal. After a grueling chase, the criminal trapped LarryBoy in an allyway, with his goons, but LarryBoy quickly tied them (and the criminal) up with his plunger ears.
LB Scallions

The "Shadow Scallions".

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