The Daily Bumble is Bumblyburg's newspaper company ran by Bob the Tomato. It has a reporter, Vicki, and Junior Asparagus helps with the Veggie Valley School newspaper. It also has a janitor, Larry, who is also Bumblyburg's superhero, LarryBoy.

Known rooms

Bob's office

Bob's office is on the top floor. It contains a desk and part of the wall is made of glass. This is where Vicki and Junior usually tell Bob the news.


An elevator leads to a clear cement rooftop on The Daily Bumble. Awful Alvin and Lampy once overlooked the city up there. It is probably the highest building in Bumblyburg.

Janitor's closet

The closet holds Larry's supplies for cleaning. LarryBoy often goes there when he is secretly talking to Alfred in his mop.

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