"Okay, You see how you mess up my plans, make me wear paper bags over my head? My anger for your is enraging largely as we speak me amigo!"

Dark Crow yelling at LarryBoy.

Dark Crow is the defender of Lollyhaven and also a superhero that attends the Superhero Class in the Bumblyburg Community College. He is a Hispanican grape that has golden claw-like hands and a "crowbar". While he is a grape, he is ashamed of it, therefore making his alter-ego read "Crow" in it. He often calls like a crow whether he's jumping a high distance, or flying around a city. He makes various appearances in the classroom. He thinks that LarryBoy is not serious enough to be a REAL superhero. So he doesn't take kindly to LarryBoy in most situations. Once, LarryBoy and Dark Crow got into a fight onto who should get to win in a case. While the case was assigned to Dark Crow, the town they were in and the villains were LarryBoy's. They also fought over who should take Vicki the Cucumber to the founder's day dance. In the end, they learned to work together and became friends. He only appears in The 2D Cartoon Adventures.


  • Although in the "The Good, The Bad, and the Eggly" movie, Dark Crow protects Lollyhaven, in the book adaptation of that movie, it says that he protects the city of Maisefield.
  • He is already known to Greta Von Gruesome, which means that the two of them may have already been enemies in the past.