"I'm about to freeze all of Bumblyburg...WITH FEAR! Unless of course, you find a way to STOP ME!!!" --Dr.Flurry

Dr. Arvin Flurry (The Gourd)
LIV DrFlurry




Eenie, Meenie, and Michael, LarryBoy


ThingamaBob (formerly), LarryBoy (formerly), Vogue (formerly), Ricochet (formerly), S-Cape (formerly), Alfred (formerly), The League of Incredible Vegetables (formerly), Laura Carrot (formerly), Officer Scooter


Fear-Dar, The Metal Penguin


Mark Steele

Dr. Flurry is a Sweedish gourd and the (former) main antagonist in The League of Incredible Vegetables. He is a mad scientist who plans to freeze the entire city of Bumblyburg in fear with a stolen device called the Fear-Dar, which he once created. He has Penguins as his minions.

He used to use This Little Piggy Grocery as his hideout, but is currently in jail.


  • His greatest fear is The League of Incredible Vegetables, as revealed early in the episode.
  • Dr. Flurry is the second male major supervillain that LarryBoy has fought in the VeggieTales series, next to the Fib.
  • Dr. Flurry is LarryBoy's very first male vegetable nemesis in the 3-D series.
  • Dr. Flurry is the first 3-D LarryBoy main villain to be directly taken to jail.
  • His hideout is This Little Piggy Grocery.
  • Dr. Flurry is the first villain to be rescued by LarryBoy as well as the first one that almost made friends with him.
  • Dr. Flurry was the only villain LarryBoy saved. The Fib & Rumor Weed were monsters, so they didn't matter all that much, and there is no known reason LarryBoy didn't try to save Apply. But she lived anyways.
  • Dr. Flurry was reformed after he saved by Larry-Boy, however he was send to jail by Officer Scooter.


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