Electro-Melon (real identity Ed Blinkenderfer) is a superhero who a student of Bok Choy's at the Bumblyburg Community College. 


String bean Ed Blinkenderfer was caught in an accident where an electrical nexus struck him. Due to the intensity, it created an emotional energy that turned him into a large watermelon. 

Despite using his electricity to fuel his anger, he is a reliable source of energy for the Bumblyburg General Hospital. 

While his melon form seems permanent, he is able to turn back into his green bean form when calmed down. He was able to do this after Bok Choy told him that he needed to let go of his anger. 

Physical Appearances and Abilties 

Due to his size, Electro-Melon is extremely strong and can pick up any heavy object. As his name implies, he also has electrical powers. This gives him the ability to turn on lights, energize machines, and even telekinesis.

Electro-Melon is a large green watermelon with big eyebrows. He also has dark green hair on the top of his head, as well as torn up purple pants that resemble a ring on his body.

When calmed, he reverts back to his original form, a string bean. He has brown hair, galsses, and a triangular beard.


  • Both his physical forms and strengths are based off of Marvel's The Incredible Hulk. His electrical powers might've also been based off of Electro, whom originates from the same series. 
  • On the old Larry-Boy cartoon website, he had a much brighter shade of green. 
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