Small fib

Small Fib

LB10 (Fib)


Fib, Lie, The Monster, Alien


Lie (Presumably)


Junior Asparagus (Prior to him telling the truth)


LarryBoy, Junior Asparagus (After him telling the truth), Alfred, all of Bumblyburg


Tim Gregory

"Even a little lie can get really big, really fast! And a big lie can just swallow you up! And Junior, you made a really big lie! Haha ha ha!" ---Fib.

Fibrilious Minimus, otherwise known as the Fib, is an alien from outer space. His only appearance was in the film Larry-Boy! And the Fib from Outer Space!.

He is an alien that grows when people lie. He tempted Junior to lie, simply by saying "A little fib couldn't hurt anybody." Fib continued to grow as Junior lied until he was big enough to rampage through the city. After which he turned on Junior and tried to eat him and LarryBoy.

In the end, he was defeated by Junior telling the truth before he could eat Junior and LarryBoy.

LarryBoy did not defeat the Fib, he was squeezed until his plunger popped out and almost eaten alive. Eventually, he did help Junior down from the water tower with his remaining plunger ear.

Later, a mysterious red meteor-like object landed in Bumblyburg and headed to a house parallel to Juniors.


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