The Iceburg was a villain in the LarryBoy Book Series. He loves everything cold and is the son of "The Snow King" who was defeated by Bok Choy when he still defended Bumblyburg. He is an "Iceburg" head of Lettus and his henchmen are a large group of "Snow" Peas named Frostbite, Avalanche, and Snowflake.

Iceberg pic

The Iceburg

Iceburg was the main villain in "Larryboy and the Sinister Snow Day" He wanted to freeze Bumblyburg so that he and his band of "Snow" Peas would have an advantage to wreck havioc. His plan was pretty simple too. He got his Snow Peas to spy on Junior Asparagus, Laura Carrot, Percy Pea, and Rennie Blueberry and convince them that they would not have to go to school if they just flooded the town.

The kids belived them, thinking that they would have a snow-day and not have to go to school, and flooded Bumblyburg. The next morning, LarryBoy noticed something was wrong and came to the rescue. It wasn't long until IceBurg came along and charged up a bunch of devices called "Mini Hoohas" using his freezer suit. Stuck in ice, the Snow Peas and Iceburg capture LarryBoy and put him in a cage to watch him fail. Iceburg taunts LarryBoy to stick his tounge on the icey metal cage after he admitted that he didn't pay attention in school.

As Iceburg and his evil band of pea pods terrorize Bumblyburg, the kids realize that school is important and that the pea pods were evil...even after missing two weeks of school. Snowflake is stuck gaurding LarryBoy as the kids come in and try to help. Percy and Reinee distract Snowflake and save LarryBoy from the cage using Junior's hot chocolate. LarryBoy is free and tries to capture Iceburg by using Bok Choy's instructions and turns off the "K.W.A.C.K." while the other kids distract the now peas. LarryBoy notices that the ice isn't melting and then finds out that those "Mini Hoohas" will keep the ice frozen long enough for Iceburg to turn the "K.W.A.C.K" back on. LarryBoy uses his new icey Larry-Toy Suit to stop the snow peas (who tied up the kids).

Iceburg informs LarryBoy that when he gets close enough to him, his freezer-suit will make it extremely cold and then break into peices...even LarryBoy! LarryBoy gets into his LarryMobile and zooms around Bumblyburg and into tunnels while the Iceburg chases him. One LarryBoy hits a dead end, Iceburg notices that he destroyed all of his mini-hoohas and that the ice is melting. It falls all over him and knocks him out long enough to defrost the suit and send him to prison.


  • Iceburg is a head of "Iceburg" lettus a pun on his names.
  • "Snow Peas" is another pun referring to pea pods and snow.
  • Iceburg stongly resembles "Mr. Freeze", one of the villains from DC's "Batman," and he also bears powers similar to Dr. Flurry's.
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