"[sigh] I wonder if Carrot Underwood goes through this."--Jenna

Jenna Chive is a famous chive pop star. She first appeared in Jenna Chive Live! trying to blend in with the common folks of the house. However, thanks to Ichabeezer, she ended up being exposed to the public. Willing to find a new disguise, Jenna went with the Radish Solders, only to find herself held against her will by Motato. However, she was able to hold on her own when trying to write a song for Motato. She even got Motato to think that the song wasn't any good before LarryBoy could take action. During Ichabezzer's dinner, she decided to sing a song for entertainment.


  • She is voiced by ANT Farm actress and pop star China Anne McClain.
  • Jenna has a habet of calling Motato "Mutato". It is a play on words with his name and "Mutant"
  • Jenna mentions of someone named "Carrot Underwood" which is based off of Carrie Underwood.


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