LB (Junior)

Junior Asparagus, civilian.

"I did it! I broke the plate!"

--Junior confessing his fault at the end of Larry-Boy! And the Fib from Outer Space!

Junior Asparagus is a civilian turned superhero who is the youngest member of The League of Incredible Vegetables. He has been the main cause of trouble in First Two films; as he was the one to lie and make the Fib huge, and he told rumors, thus powering the Rumor Weed.

He was voiced by Lisa Vischer in the original series.. He is now voiced by Tress MacNeille.


Larry-Boy! And the Fib from Outer Space! (Antagonistic protagonist)

Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed (Antagonistic protagonist)

LarryBoy and the Bad Apple (Cameo)

The League of Incredible Vegetables (The Main Protagonist)

Super Hero

LB (Ricochet)

Junior Asparagus as Ricochet.

Junior becomes Ricochet in The League of Incredible Vegetables with a super-suit giving him the power to turbo-bounce. But because he's the youngest member of The League of Incredible Vegetables, he is scared of everything.

Junior Jetpack Airborn

Junior Jetpack Airborn

In Junior Jetpack, Junior becomes Junior Jetpack in an attempt to become LarryBoy's sidekick, much to his annoyance. But thanks to Ichabeezer, Junior got a full functional outfit and was able to save LarryBoy and Rooney. As of the second season of VeggieTales in the House, Junior Jetpack has become a common addition to the show.


  • Ricochet is also the name of Peter Parker's alias in the comic book arc "Identity Crisis," in which he had to stop being Spider-Man.
  • Junior Asparagus has been in every LarryBoy film to date, but was only a cameo in LarryBoy and the Bad Apple, unlike in the other films, where he is one of the main protagonists.
  • Ricochet didn't get his Jet-Ski untill the end of the show, but he was seen riding with Alfred in the Larry-Copter possibly because he is too young to drive anything.
  • Ricochet's suit isn't water proof and it is unknown if Alfred worked out the bug after the show or not.
  • Ricochet's favorate super hero is Underdog because they are both small.
  • Junior Asparagus has saved the day more than LarryBoy in any of the "LarryBoy" 3D Adventures



VeggieTales Get to Know Ricochet!

VeggieTales Get to Know Ricochet!


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