LB11 (Awful Alvin)

Awful Alvin introducing Lampy

Lampy is a floor lamp with a smiley face scribbled on its shade. He serves as a side-kick to Awful Alvin in Larryboy: The Cartoon Adventures.

Lampy's primary purpose is comic relief, in that he display's Alvin's insanity. This is because Alvin is not aware that Lampy is inanimate, despite the fact that he realizes that Lampy never does or says anything. Alvin frequently has one-sided conversations with Lampy and even attempts to do the Villainous Dance of Villainy with Lampy as a partner.

Lampy also reveals Alvin's involvement with the Angry Eyebrows when Alvin is spying on Larry and Lampy does not follow him to his hiding spot.

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