"Danger lurks in the Big City! Disaster waits in every dark alley! Terror behind every park bench! The world needs a hero! But not just an ordinary hero, no! A special hero! A super hero! I am that hero! They call me, LarryBoy! Wherever there is trouble, I'll be there! Whenever a helpless vegetable calls out, I will answer, evil-doers, beware! You are no match the awesome power of LarryBoy and his super suction ears!"

LarryBoy's introduction speech.


Home City



Larry the Cucumber, Larry-Boy, Larryboy, Larry Boy, Cucumber of Steel, Power Pickle, Bumblyburg's Favorite Plunger-Headed Hero, Master Larry (by Alfred), Pickle-Boy (by The Alchemist)

Years active

March 1996-Present


Alfred, Officer Scooter, The League of Incredible Vegetables (Team), Bumblyburg Police Department, Mayor Blueberry, Dark Crow


Fib, Rumor Weed, The Milk-Money Bandit, The Mother Weed, Bad Apple, Curly, Awful Alvin, Lampy, Greta Von Gruesome, Alchemist, Mother Pearl, Dr. Flurry, Criminal, Bubblegum Bandit, Fly, Penguin Minions, The Metal Penguin, Iceburg, The Emperor, Motatoe


LarryBoy Film Series


LarryMobile, Larry-Signal, LarryManor, Larry-Copter, Larry-Suit, S.M.A.R.T. Cape, Larry-Computer

Secret Identity

Larry the Cucumber

LarryBoy is a superhero in the Larryboy Film Series, the alter-ego of Larry the Cucumber and the films' main protagonist (Aside from maybe Junior). He wears a purple mask with plungers on the side, as well as a purple and yellow super-suit and a radio belt with the letters 'LB' on the yellow buckle. In the 2D animated series, he also wears a purple cape, which was again featured in the LarryBoy and the Bad Apple video game, and the book LarryBoy in Tip Top Cape Shape!

As a Citizen


LarryBoy's true ego, Larry the Cucumber.


LarryBoy's Mug Shot

Larry the Cucumber is a brave, semi-clueless vegetable. He is a billionare. He tries to do what he can for his city, even if that means stopping a rampage or giving up all the chocolate he loves to stop the Bad Apple. He also came up with a bad idea to jump out of an airplane. The Fib saw his chance and caught him. Fib squeezed LarryBoy until his plunger popped out.

Birth of that Hero

LarryBoy made his first appearance in Dave and the Giant Pickle. During the film, Larry wasn't feeling special about himself so he created a super hero outfit for himself that he dawned so he put on his costume and dubed himself as "Larry-Boy." As he was showing off, LarryBoy got himself stuck on a prop of a building and was stuck untill Bob the Tomato came along and his plunger gave up its strength. After Larry told Bob his problem, he tells Dave and the Giant Pickle and told Larry that it is okay for him to be "Larry-Boy" if he is proud of the way he is. After Bob left, LarryBoy showed off again and got himself stuck on the camera throughout the end credits untill his plunger gave in again.

Understanding he can still pretend to be a super hero, LarryBoy made his first super hero film LarryBoy! And the Fib from Outer Space! in 1997 and appeared again in LarryBoy and the Rumor Weed in 1999. LarryBoy appeared on one of the new countertop kitchen segments for Jonah Sing Along Songs and More!, and was the star of his own cartoon adventures, and did not appear again until LarryBoy and the Bad Apple (although was spotted at the end of Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler and appears in the "outtakes" of Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie). LarryBoy did appear in the Veggie Video "Bob Lends a Helping Hand," and afterwards he returned in The League of Incredible Vegetables and returned with a redesign in VeggieTales in the House.


  • LarryBoy's vehicle is the LarryMobile, which was designed by Big Idea artist, Joseph Holch, to look like himself. It can fly, drill through the ground, and serve as a submarine (LarryBoy's Cartoon Adventures Book series). Revealed in his Chapter Books, it can also be a snow-mobile. He also had a LarryCopter in The League of Incredible Vegetables.
  • In Larry-Boy! And the Fib from Outer Space! he suffered pain by Fib is squeezing him until his plunger popped out.
  • LarryBoy has his own video game for Playstation 2 and Game Boy Advanced based off of LarryBoy and the Bad Apple.
  • Larry Boy's first appearance was in "Dave and the Giant Pickle".
  • LarryBoy's temptation is chocolate.
  • LarryBoy's favorite superhero is the Green Lantern; he's super and green (even though on his interviews voiced by Mike Nawrocki he says it is a tie between Batman and Spiderman).
  • LarryBoy's greatest fear is popping balloons, according to him, it was from his 5th birthday.
  • While LarryBoy is the town's superhero, he has only saved the day in one of his four 3-D movies.
  • In the game, Larryboy used what he calls the S.M.A.R.T cape. Which somehow changes the cell structure of his DNA. Allowing him to change into different items to solve problems at hand. What he turned into the most was an invincible solid steel statue of himself. Which he used often as as a heavyweight to pressure items and force down controls. He also used the S.M.A.R.T cape to turn himself into raw energy. When he did this he yelled 'Electricity!'. And he used it mostly to cause power-surges and energize dead computers and such. However, he has yet to use his S.M.A.R.T Cape again. But Big Idea has yet to say he couldn't bring it out in a normal Larryboy Episode.



VeggieTales Get to Know LarryBoy!

VeggieTales Get to Know LarryBoy!

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