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Original Larry-Cave Computer-Station

The LarryCave is the hidden HQ of LarryBoy and his butler, Alfred.
Conferance Room

The LarryCave's Main Room.

In the first two films, only the entrance, the launch pad, and Alfred's computer area was shown. It was redesigned in LarryBoy and the Bad Apple with LarryBoy theamed decor like plungers and LarryBoy silhouettes and logos. It also looked much less like a cave. In The League of Incredible Vegetables, the cave is outfitted with a conference table for LarryBoy and his friends and Alfred had a floating desk chair. They also got rid of most references that it is LarryBoy's hide-out and re-decorated it with a bunch of League supplies instead. It is supposibly hidden under the LarryManor. The first two films suggest the entrence to the cavern is disguised as a closed-off mine entrance.


  • In the Cartoon short Fly By Might the entrence was behind a bush.
  • In the LarryBoy and the Bad Apple PS2 game, the LarryCave served as LarryBoy's training ground.


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