LB (Laura)

Laura Carrot.

Laura Carrot is the oldest child of the Carrot family and is Junior's best friend. She is the only recurring member of her family, while the other Carrots never appear in shows without Laura. Laura's two younger brothers are Lenny and Baby Lou.

During her class, Alfred volunteered to tell some stories to the children. Mr Asparagus asked him if he could go to a picnic with them. But Alfred said that he really wants to go but he needs to 'recharge his batteries.' On the way home, Junior and Laura we're talking about the weird things about Alfred when a weed came. She half-sparked the Rumor Weed's rumor about Alfred being a robot, along with her best friend, Junior Asparagus.

She is voiced by Kristin Blegen (Most of the time; as she is occasionally voiced by Lisa Vischer.) But in VeggieTales in the House, she is voiced by Tress MacNelille.

Super Hero

In the VeggieTales in the House episode Rise of Night Pony, Laura inherited the super hero title, Night Pony, after Granny Asparagus relieved to her her secret as a former super hero and is looking for a successor to take her place. With help from Granny's cherry cat Mrs. Fuzzyface, Laura overcame her self-doubt and saved Granny from Motato.


Larry-Boy! And the Fib from Outer Space! (Antagonistic protagonist)

LarryBoy and the Rumor Weed (The Main Dueteragonist)

LarryBoy and the Bad Apple (Cameo)

The League of Incredible Vegetables (The Supporting Character)

VeggieTales in the House (One of the main characters)

Fun Facts

  • As Night Pony, she borrows a few elements from other superheroes/villains.
    • Her backstory is similar to various legacy characters (eg. Robin, Catwoman, Ant-Man).
    • Her abilities from using a staff is somewhat similar to Marvel's Daredevil.
    • Like Dark Crow, her name is based on "Black Panther".


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