Ma Mushroom 1

Ma Mushroom as she appears in the series.

Ma Mushroom is a citizen of Bumblyburg in Larryboy: The Cartoon Adventures. She has made only one major appearance, and a supporting role.

In Larryboy: The Cartoon Adventures

LB (Ma Mushroom Cartoon)

Ma Mushroom sketch

Ma Mushroom's most prominent role was in this series. She wears what appears to be a bonnet on her head, which covers her mushroom top.

She is an inventor, and was upset (angry) when Larry the Janitor broke her machine. She was the first citizen inflicted by the Angry Eyebrows. Later on however, she lets go of her anger after she is rewarded with a medal for inventing the Knit Master 3000.

Ma Mushroom would appear again in "Leggo My Ego" as a supporting character in the super short, "Cuke of all Trades". Her last appearance was a small cameo in "The Yodel-Napper" as an audience member.

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