Mayor BlueBerry is the mayor of Bumblyburg. Her job is to keep the city organized and well running. But every now and then, her thoughts would go towards her look, which would throw her off track.


LarryBoy and the Rumor Weed

Mayor Blueberry was first introduced in this film. She contacted Larry with news of weeds popping up all over Bumblyburg, and that they were spreading rumors about Alfred Asparagus. Later, she and Officer Scooter thought that Alfred was a robot, causing Bumblyburg to uproar about this new rumor, along with Mr. Nezzer, Ma Mushroom, and other Bumblyburgians.

LarryBoy and the Bad Apple

Mayor Blueberry is responsible for organizing the construction of the festival for Bumblyburg's 300th birthday, but her love of vanity gets her in trouble as she becomes ensnared by the Bad Apple's web of temptation with a promising world where she could be beautiful. But after LarryBoy saves her, she takes her roll as mayor more resposibly as she organises people to help LarryBoy get rid of the Apple and her funhouse.

VeggieTales in the House


In the series, she is just Madam Blueberry instead of mayor of the little town in the house. Instead, the mayor is actually Archibald. He new voice actress is Tress MacNelille.

VeggieTales Super Comics

Once again, instead of being mayor of Bumblyburg, Madame Blueberry is actually the teacher at Junior Asparagus's school.

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