Mike Nawrocki

Mike Nawrocki


voice actor, animator, voice actor, wirter, editor, and director


July 8, 1966

Years Active

1993-present (acting)
1993-1998 (editing)

Michael Nawrocki better known as Mike Nawrocki (born June 16, 1966) is an animator, director, writer, and editor for VeggieTales. He's well known for doing the voice for LarryBoy. He also wrote the third LarryBoy episode "LarryBoy and the Bad Apple," and he wrote and directed "The League of Incredible Vegetables." He also serves as the editor for the show during the first five years, from "Where's God When I'm S-Scared?" to "Madame Blueberry" where he did the audio, video editing, and after effects for "His Cheeseburger" while John Wahba still provided the sound effects.


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