"LarryBoy will be part of the storyline, and he has a new bad guy he’s up against – the sinister-looking Motato."

Motato new

Motato is LarryBoy's new nemesis, as seen in VeggieTales In The House.


Motato is a potato with bushy eyebrows, a sharply-pointed moustache under a long and pointy nose, jagged teeth, one small eye and one large eye, a root sprouting from his head for hair, and a villainous striped suit with a big open collar, with an 'M' emblem emblazoned on the front.

Encounters With LarryBoy

He was intorduced in LarryBoy's first VeggieTales in the House episode For the Honor of LarryBoy. He then seemed to be the main (if not only) villain in the series. He has Radish Minions to help carry out his plots.


  • Motato's appearance resembles Awful Alvin in many respects. His bushy eyebrows, large and small eyes, his pointy nose, and his despicable grin.
  • Motato rides a segway, almost like Dr. Blowhole, another villain made by Dreamworks Animation, from the Penguins of Madagascar series.
  • Motato usually says some things related to potatoes, like "Good Fry!" or "Oh Sour Cream!".
  • Motato is the second villain in the whole series to discover the location of the LarryCave. The first villain was the Bad Apple.
  • Motato's name is a combination of "mutant" and "potato."
  • Motato is the second potato villain to face LarryBoy, next to Spud the Dud.


  • Rob Paulsen


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