LB (LuntBaker)

Mr. Lunt, The Baker.

LB (S-Cape)


"S-Cape, away!!" -- S-Cape's war cry


Baker Lunt is Bumblyburg's main source for baked goods, such as cookies and cakes, and even the 300th Birthday Chocolate Cake was his creation, even if LarryBoy had to save him from his temptation of Space Movies to get him to finish it.

Though he only has a cameo in the Bad Apple video, he plays a much larger role in the video game adaptation. Baker Lunt is in the final level, where he is caught in temptation by watching too many sci-fi movies. This creates a huge distraction for him since he should be baking the cake for Bumblyburg's tricentennial. While watching episode 9 of "Galactic Commando", the Bad Apple tells him that she has the yet-to-be released special edition. Amazed, he quickly falls into her trap by entering a world of space movies. Soon enough, LarryBoy finds him and fights off the Bad Apple to save his life. Once the fight is over, LarryBoy tells Lunt that it's okay to watch a good movie, but he must make sure his responsibilities are taken care of first.

Super Hero

S-Cape is Mr./Baker Lunt's alter ego superhero who was introduced in the film The League of Incredible Vegetables.

He is one of The League of Incredible Vegetables and is supposibly lazy as he has the power to get out of any situation (including chores) and really hates missing a good bargain, which he dreads. His mode of transportation is a Jet-Pack.


  • S-Cape's favorite super hero is Superman because they both have an "s" on their capes.
  • While Mr. Lunt is a baker in Bumblyburg, he defends another town as "S-Cape."



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VeggieTales Get to Know S-Cape!


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