Obadiah Bumbly

Obadiah Bumbly posting a flag on the soil of the new land.

"Today, we give thanks for our safe arrival on these beutiful and bountiful shores--Obadiah Bumbly"--Larry reenacting Obadiah's declaration of Bumblyburg's birthday.

Obadiah Bumbly was the founder of Bumblyburg 300 years ago. He was even that savior of the growing town when the Bad Apple's great uncle, Ephraim Apply, tried to take over the town with Apply's Funhouse. After freeing the town's people, Obadiah exciled Ephrem and his decendents.


Obadiah Bumbly Statue

That Statue of Obadih Bumbly

300 years later, a statue was place in Obadiah Bumbly's memory in Bumblyburg Park. It was wrapped in spider webs and nearly crushed by Ephram Apply's great niece, the Bad Apple and her new Appley's Funhouse 2, but LarryBoy saved it by using his plungers and his body to fling her and the funhouse out of the city. The statue was later cleaned and presented by Mayor Blueberry for Bumblyburg's 300 birthday celibration.


  • Obadiah Bumbly is a spin off of some of the founders of America, most likely William Bradford. Likewise, Obadiah's ship, The Cauliflower was the spinoff of the Ship, the Mayflower, that the pilgrims sailed to Plymouth.
  • Strangely enough, in the Cartoon Adventures Obadiah Bumbly is replaced by Sir Lester Bumbly.
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