LB (Petunia)

Petunia in reporter outfit.

"We're coming for you, LarryBoy!"--Vogue's line of reasurace for LarryBoy

Petunia Rhubarb was LarryBoy's love intrest in the film LarryBoy and the Bad Apple. She is a reporter.

Super Hero

LB (Vogue)

Petunia as Vogue.

Vogue is Petunia's alter ego super hero and is one of The League of Incredible Vegetables. She has the power to quick change her uniform for any given situation (Possibly like the Winxs' Believix Wings).


  • Vogue's vehicle is the High-Heel Mobile, which looks like a high heel shoe. The wheels look like the ones on roller-skates.
  • True to her name, Vogue is possibly vain as her fear is having a bad hair day, which is sort of opposite to her true ego, whom believes in inner beauty.
  • Vogue's name may be a reference to Rogue, a character from Marvel's X-Men series.
  • Vogue's favorite superhero is Wonder Woman because she's stylish and strong.


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