Reckless Ruckus

Ruckus explaining his plan.

Ruckus is a wannabe-super hero turnned villain who tried to frame LarryBoy and take his place as the hero of Bumblyburg in LarryBoy and the Reckless Ruckus.


Ruckus was first seen in the Museum of Super Silliness, stealing Junior Asparagus's ticket and trapping Laura Carrot in the Longest Spagettii Noodle and blaming it on Davis the Pea. But when LarryBoy arrived to tell stories to the kids, Ruckus expresses his jealousy of LarryBoy to himself about how LarryBoy gets the fame and glory and free ice cream. So he decides to knock the World's Largest Rubberband Ball off its stand and frame LarryBoy for it. After causing a few more disruptions in LarryBoy's attempts to stop the rubber band ball, Ruckus steps in as "Ravishing Ruckus" and "saves the day". But Ruckus' triumph is short lived as Junior comes forward with security footage of Ruckus' crimes and gets him arrested.


Ruckus has an overinflated ego, as evident from calling himself "Ravashing", getting the attention from the press, and even expecting a statue of his likeness as the mayor planned. But his ego got the best of him as he overlooked that the security cameras were watching his every illegal move.

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