Rumor Weed
Rumor Weed


The Weed


Half Rumor, Half Weed


Super Strength, Persuasion, Rumor-Spreading


The Mother Weed (Collective), Junior Asparagus, Laura Carrot, Mr. Nezzer, Percy Pea, Officer Scooter, Mayor Blueberry, all of Bumblyburg (all unwittingly)


LarryBoy, Alfred

"So, did you hear the one about Alfred?" --The Rumor Weed.

The Rumor Weed is actually not just one weed, but a whole army of super strong, property-wrecking, rumor spreading weeds, all under the rule of their leader, THE MOTHER WEED!

They were destroyed when Junior Asparagus and Laura Carrot spreaded nice words about LarryBoy's butler, Alfred.

The Weeds are extremely powerful, as normal tools that would normally destroy a weed have no effect on them, and according to Alfred, the Weeds can crumble sidewalks and destroy brick walls. Enough of them spread out in the city that Mayor Blueberry was worried that their property values would plummet, and their homes would be worth nothing. The Weeds' roots went under the ground, in the tunnels and sewers in Bumblyburg, all connected in a hive-mind with The Mother Weed. The Weeds need a lot of energy, but do not photosynthesize. Instead, they feed on rumors themselves.

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