The Choco-Bandits were stallion criminals in Bumblyburg before their capture by LarryBoy.

They consisted of two stallions, one of which being the former criminal the Milk-Money Bandit, who drove on a scooter, and snatched chocolate bars from citizens.

Life Before Capture

One of the two bandits, formerly known as the Milk-Money Bandit, was captured by LarryBoy and sent to Scooter years before. At some point, he escaped prison, and joined the Choco-Bandits.

Capture By LarryBoy

On the grand opening day of the Bumblyburg Pet Shop, the two bandits stole a chocolate bar from citizen Junior Asparagus. When the police department called for help, it began the return of LarryBoy. The plunger-headed hero pursued the scooter-perched criminals, until they turned a sharp corner in an alleyway, and LarryBoy took back the chocolate bar, and left the bandits to Scooter, leaving the victim with wise words: With great chocolate, comes great responsibility.

The bandits were thrown in jail, and were not seen in the series again.

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