LB Book 1

The Emperor (of Nepoleon Crime and Other Bad Stuff) is a villain in the LarryBoy Book Series.

He is an evil Cherry Tomato who is always made fun of about his size. He thinks that he is the greatest criminal in Bumblyburg and has the talent of being an evil genius and having the superpower of shrinking to minimal size. His major appearance was in the book "Larryboy and the Emperor of Envy" when the Emperor used an envy formula that would make people randomly get envius, and then they would get extremely weak. He used his Sweet Potato henchmen "Frank and Jessie" to taint the slushie supply at "Mister Slushie's Slushie Slurping Contest" with it so that everyone in Bumblyburg would get infected.

As LarryBoy also drank some slushie, The Emperor sent everyone to the Bumblyburg Prison and put a bunch of Tainted Slushie cups for their drink supply so that the affect would last long enough. While LarryBoy and the rest of Bumblyburg were in jail, The Emperor used a massive machine make all of the buildings in Bumblyburg small so that they fit him perfectly.

LarryBoy stopped the Emperor with the help of Junior by sucking him up in a mini-vacuume.

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