List of Members from Left to Right: Ricochet, ThingamaBob, LarryBoy, Vogue, S-Cape.

The League of Incredible Vegetables is a group of superheroes. They appear to be based on the Avengers or the Justice League. The team name alone is a play on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. They appear in the episode of the same name and even have their own theme song. Alfred contacted them to help LarryBoy battle Dr. Flurry when he can't do it himself.

Team Members

The League consists of 6 members:

Super Abilities

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Each team member has their own special superpower.
  • LarryBoy: Super Suction Ears
  • Thingamabob: Amazing with gadgets and doo-dads
  • Ricochet: Turbo-bouncing
  • S-Cape: Can get out of any situation (even chores)!
  • Vogue: Quick change into outfits for any reason
  • Alfred: A Genius.

Favorite Super Heroes

The veggies each have their own favorite superhero and a reason as to why they appreciate them, according to the episode's official website.

  • LarryBoy: The Green Lantern ("we're both super and green!") (though, according to th interviews with Larry (voiced by Mike Nawrocki) he says it is a tie between Batman & Spiderman)
  • Thingamabob: Batman ("he has really cool gadgets!")
  • Ricochet: Underdog ("he's small, like me!")
  • S-Cape: Superman ("we both have "s's" on our capes)
  • Vogue: Wonder Woman ("stylish and strong!")
  • Alfred: LarryBoy

Super Vehicles

LIV GroupMobileShot

The League in their Super Vehicles

Every member has a super vehicle for transportation. Unlike the other heroes, LarryBoy has two vehicles.

Greatest Fears

The episode the team appears in also reveals their greatest fears.

  • LarryBoy: popping balloons
  • Thingamabob: monkeys ( They're so... unpredictable!)
  • Ricochet: pretty much everything (nothing after he learned to trust in God)
  • S-Cape: missing a good bargain (but never scanned)
  • Vogue: a bad hair day
  • Alfred: A Power outage in the Larry-Cave (not revealed in the episode)
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