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The Mother Weed holding Alfred captive!

"Face it! You can't stop this weed; thanks to your friends out there, I'm getting bigger by the minute! HahahahahaMWAHAHAHA!!!" --The Mother Weed.

The Mother Weed was the culmination of all other Rumor Weeds, who were all connected into one supremely leafy being. It was huge, and had astonishing strength, as it could even take down LarryBoy.

But after the citizens started spreading nice words about Alfred, the Mother Weed bloomed into a flower, thus putting an end to her and her Rumor Weeds.

She was voiced by Gail Freeman.


In LarryBoy and the Rumor Weed

After a confrontation with The Milk-Money Bandit, LarryBoy spoke to Alfred, and, in a moment of bragging about his heroism, LarryBoy accidentally knocked over a flower pot, causing it to land on a telephone wire, through which an unnamed vegetable spread gossip. The electricity powered the flower, and turned it into a dead weed, which was given life through the rumors, and, in the sewers of Bumblyburg, it turned into The Weed.

The Mother Weed then spawned tiny minion weeds, which all spread a rumor from Junior Asparagus and Laura Carrot, that Alfred was a robot.

Finally, LarryBoy went down into the sewers to find the weed, and fight it, but lost the fight. As The Mother Weed won the fight, she rose up into the skies of Bumblyburg, and seemingly won, as she was about to destroy Alfred.

Dad Asparagus then arrives at the seen and asks the weed if she made up that story, but she admits that she's a rumor weed and never makes anything up and she heard it from Junior and Laura, which might technically mean that this was the same weed that Junior and Laura saw earlier, but only larger, and different sunglasses.

Finally, after Dad Asparagus helped to spread nice words around the town, the rumors were being denied, and nice words were destroying the weed, converting her back into her original state: a flower.

In LarryBoy and the Bad Apple

Though The Mother Weed was not in the film, her glasses were shown in the LarryCave as a trophy, along with the Art Bigotti plate, and the Key to the City.


  • When the Mother Weed comes out of the sewer, her lips are green. But in all the other scenes, her lips are red, like the other Rumor Weeds.
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